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structural substances


algorithmic assemblies

part 2 - atmospheric collage

Part 2 involved using digital and analog techniques to develop a single drawing which explores an atmospheric condition. At least one layer of the drawing was to employ a digital script, while other layers used manual editing. The drawing is meant to explore contrast, depth, weight, opacity, texture, etc.


To achieve this effect, I used the knowledge I gained from Part 1: Grid Studies. With the logic from the Non-Random Voronoi patterns, I used a grasshopper script to selectively iterate a three dimensional volume of cells based on attractor point proximity. Then using Photoshop, I used color, contrast, and depth to simulate light eminating from within the cells.


I discovered that this process creates a pattern which is, at times, seemingly random, and at other times obviously uniform. This is an extremely valuable property in the world of digital fabrication.

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